The Indonesia Clean Stove Initiative (CSI) Vacancy Anouncement

Senin, 14 Juli 2014 | 16:35 WIB | jafar soddik

The  Indonesia  Clean  Stove  Initiative  (CSI)  is  a  collaborative  effort  between  the  Ministry  of Energy  and  Mineral  Resources of  Indonesia  (MEMR),  and  the  World  Bank  launched  in  early 2012  with  the  objective  to  help  scale  up  access  to  clean  and  efficient  stoves  in  the  country through capacity building, policy development and support to selected government action plans. Analytical  work  during  the  early  stage  of  CSI  resulted  in  common  understanding  of  a  strong need for a comprehensive intervention that institutionalizes issues of cooking technologies and biomass  fuels  into  the  national  policy  framework,  requiring  centralized  leadership  and  crosssectoral  cooperation.  On  May  22,  2014,  a  Grant  Agreement  has  been  signed  between  the Government  of  Indonesia  (GOI)  and  the World Bank  to  support  further  implementation of  the Initiative.  More Information


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